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A program for investors who want to know what’s behind growing a multi-million dollar property portfolio from someone who’s done it and educated more successful Australian property investors than anyone else.
Michael Yardney has been voted Australia’s leading property educator and mentor 5 times in the last 7 years

This program is for you if…

Do you have what it takes to be a successful investor

I’ve worked with THOUSANDS of investors over the years. Some have been more successful than others. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where I can tell in a few minutes whether someone has what it takes for their investing to succeed — or whether they’ll be like 90% of property investors. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I know what it takes, not only to succeed, but to REALLY succeed, in property investment. (Not only because I’ve written the classic textbook on it, or because I’ve worked with thousands of investors, but also because I’ve built my own very substantial property portfolio and have successfully grown it over 5 property cycles.)

I am ready to share my insider secrets for success with you. And by the way…you need a lot more than real estate strategies.

In my Mentorship Program you get:

Access to me

Access to me including 1 on 1 sessions and by email

Structured learning

Weekly video sessions that will teach you the science of getting wealthy

Build a network

A mastermind group of likeminded people who are also doing the program

Join my network

Access to my “inner circle” of contacts, knowledge and research

First, who am I and why should you listen to me?

I’ve often been called Australia’s leading expert in wealth creation through property and one of TOP Australia’s 50 Thought Leaders. My opinions as a property commentator have been featured in all major newspapers and magazines throughout Australia and in my regular radio segments.

Over the last decade I’ve mentored over 2,000 successful investors, business people and entrepreneurs.

I’ve authored 6 books, three of which have become best sellers, but I’m not a theorist. I’m still an active property investor and developer and I’ve arguably educated more successful property investors than anyone else in Australia.

Here’s what this is all about…

It’s no secret that we are in the midst of ever changing economic times. Because of our fast moving society, almost everyone is in a state of transition in one or more areas of life all the time. The good news is that despite all these changes, there are more opportunities and possibilities for more people to achieve financial independence in the years ahead than has ever existed before.

If you’re not well on your way to growing your own multi million dollar property investment business, then chances are, you are missing one of several vital components or characteristics. That’s what I specialize in. And that’s what I’m going to teach you in my Mentorship Program.

You see…I help ordinary Australians who want to achieve financial freedom achieve it through becoming super successful property investors by teaching them exactly what they need to do to; and it’s not just about property strategies. A large part has to do with turning up their financial thermostat. And the end result is that they can give their loved ones everything they desire and live the life they deserve.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you join my Mentorship Program

The truth is nothing will change if you don’t change!

Being part of my Mentorship Program could give you the choices in life you are looking for plus the financial freedom you and your family deserves.
Not being part of it could literally cost you millions, if you remain stuck where you are.
It’s a proven fact that one of the most effective ways to SUCCEED at ANYTHING is to MODEL or COPY other successful people.
Find out exactly what other successful people have done and follow the steps they have taken to be successful.
This concept works for virtually anything, including growing your wealth, or property investment or achieving financial independence.

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Contact my assistant Jo Fitt for more details or email her at [email protected]

“I found it extremely interesting and driving. It actually made us think a lot about ourselves. I’ve changed in a lot of ways, not just in property”


The challenges
The Solution
The challenges

There are two immediate challenges with this strategy.

  1. First, finding the people who are really successful (not the people that just look successful).
  2. Second, getting them to tell you EXACTLY what they did to succeed.

It can be very challenging to get access to the people that have really grown their own wealth and retained it in the long term, and get them to spill the details on how they got to where they are.

The Solution

That’s why I’ve developed and now recently upgraded my Mentorship Program. It’s all my experience, my training, what I’ve learned from mentors and the people in my life have contributed to my financial mindset. Over the years this has turned up my financial thermostat and made me more abundant.

Thanks to my quest for answers, I’ve discovered more effective strategies to help get you what you want. I’ve discovered what’s truly possible when your mindset is expanded, challenged and shifted to new extremes.

The results that some participants have achieved since I first conducted this in 2006 have been fantastic and it has been so gratifying that I have expanded the program to another intake this year, but due to the technology we use the numbers are limited.

You see… This is not classroom style learning – it’s home based, computer based video, audio and written programs – so no seminars to attend (but there are 2 free seminars a year if you want to come), but more on that later…

Before I give you more details of the Mentorship Program, I would like to explain one of things that made it important for me to run this program. It was my increased awareness that knowledge and theory of real estate investment strategies is just not enough. Super Successful property investors need a shift in mindset and that just can’t be achieved in a weekend workshop.

My mentoring program is designed to shift your paradigms, give you a prosperity consciousness and get you thinking like a Multi-Millionaire.

That’s why it takes time. It’s all my knowledge on the topic crammed into close to 50 sessions.

What others say

So far I have conducted 11 intakes to my Mentorship program and some participants have achieved outstanding results. I am ready for one further intake now, so either read on, or go to the bottom of the page and Register Now Check the following for a sample of some of the feedback I have received.

Just wanted to let you know how valuable I have found your Mentorship Program over the last 12 months. I have learnt so much that looking back I can’t believe such simple concepts even need to be brought to our attention. Having done other courses, yours by far, exceeded my expectations.

Vanessa Thomas Victoria

I am doing your mentoring program and… I find that I have a much more positive outlook towards achieving my goals and am able to see where my previous concerns about money have come from.

Linda M Perth, WA

My Mentorship program includes a heap of video sessions which allow me to share with you all the new things I had learned from all the seminars, workshop and mentorship programs I had attended.

I’m not giving you everything at once. I’m not going to even allow you to have everything at once. You are going to get things one piece at a time.

The program runs for approximately 12 months. The reason for such a long program, by the way, is because it’s like sipping a water fountain and not from a fire hose. It is special type of learning.

That way, after doing “homework” the information sticks.

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Find out more and receive 4 bonuses
Contact my assistant Jo Fitt for more details or email her at [email protected]

More about the Mentorship Program

What is my Mentorship Program & why it's not just about property

Firstly it’s not just about PROPERTY. Also it’s not about MAKING money or CREATING wealth.

Both words “making” and “creating” reinforce the link most people make between work and money. Swapping time for money is a limiting idea that I will break in my Mentorship Program.

Using words like “make” or “create” suggest that you obtain wealth through and in proportion to the effort exerted. They imply that wealth comes about through hard work, and that is just not true.

This program is about the attraction of wealth.

I use the word “attraction” most deliberately. By the way…it has nothing to do with the Law of attraction mentioned in “The Secret” – far from it and I explain why in Mentorship Session 16.

Through my Mentorship Program I hope to empower and equip you to attract all the wealth you want. With far greater ease than you’ve ever imagined. Faster than you think possible. With less work than you would think possible.

This is radical shift on several levels.

  • There is a philosophical component, so we will be discussing your thoughts and attitudes and beliefs about wealth. But I will not stop there.
  • There is a way of thinking that repels wealth and obviously this is how most people think. There is a way to think that attracts wealth. If you think that way, you are magnetic to opportunity, money and wealth.
  • There is also a strategic component. There are very practical things to do to put you in the right position, to set in motion the forces that attract wealth. Things that, properly employed, make you magnetic to opportunity, money, and wealth.
  • Finally, there is a behavioural component. There are behaviours that repel wealth, and that is, obviously, how most people behave. There are ways to behave that attract wealth. If you believe that way, you are magnetic to opportunity, money, and wealth.

In total, this is all about making adjustments to the way you think and act that make it easier to attract all the wealth you want, faster and easier than you can imagine.

More details about it
  1. This  Mentorship program is home based. This means you can participate from anywhere in the world. In fact we have a number of overseas participants currently in the program.
  2. You will receive an initial One on One Strategy Session with me (over the phone or via Skype) to find out where you want to get to and so I can help you point in the right direction.
  3. You will receive your video Mentorship sessions weekly.
  4. You will have unlimited email support.
  5. You will become part of a mastermind group of like minded people. This is one of the secrets of the success of many of the participants in my program.
  6. You won’t have to attend seminars, and there will be quite a bit of flexibility as to when you do the sessions, so you don’t have to be concerned about your work hours, or holidays or attending live seminars. However you will need to allocate some time every week to the program (but it doesn’t have to be the same time every week). The sessions with alternate in length – one  week you will receive a Power Secret with exercises and it will usually take 30 to 40 minutes to complete these. On the alternate weeks the video sessions are shorter and often only require 10 to 15 minutes of your time. But the information is jam packed, with no fluff, so you get a heap of training in that time!
So what is my Mentorship Program all about?

This Mentorship Program is for serious investors (or serious beginners) who know that it takes work and knowledge to become a super successful property investor. If you are willing to put in the effort, then my Mentorship Program is the blue print you need to build your wealth from property. Let me tell you why…

Let’s begin with a truth… Most Australians will never become financially independent; most of us fail to succeed because, quite simply, most will fail to act because of the way they have been programmed by their various influences as a child.

Most investors have enough property knowledge to help them become wealthy. What they don’t have is the correct mindset to enable them to take advantage of this knowledge. They are unable to take action.

So how do you change these inbuilt patterns? One way is to study how other successful people have become successful, and then to do the same as them.

Through my top selling books “Thriving not just Surviving in Changing Times” and “How to Grow a Multi Million Dollar Property Portfolio – in your spare time” or at my seminars, l will show you the steps I took to create my successful property portfolio. And then in my Mentorship Program I will show you how you can take the same steps too by developing the correct mindset.

They say that the antidote to fear is action, so I will show you month by month the ACTIONS you need to take to develop a prosperity mindset. The mindset of a Super Successful property investor.

That sounds ideal for those who are yet to start, but what about more experienced investors who already own some properties?

Well, those of us who are already on the road to success are also prone to slip into our “comfort zones” and to stick with “what we know best”.

The result is often that we massively under perform. I know that there have been times when I have fallen into this trap and that I could be even more successful than I am now. Chances are, you’ve done the same.

So I will be working through the material and the exercises contained within the Mentorship Program and challenging myself to attain even more from property than I already have.

And I’d like to invite you to join me.

It doesn’t matter HOW MUCH theory you know, if you DON’T apply it, you can have no chance of success. And property is no exception. Unless you take ACTION, you can never be a success in property.

But it’s not just about what I think…

Have you found that no matter how much money you receive, you always end up in the same position?

The problem is…your results will continue to be exactly what you’ve experienced until you change what’s getting in the way – your mindset and the actions you are taking to create your wealth. You see…your mindset predetermines how you will interpret and respond to the situations you come across in life, therefore determining whether your actions drive you towards what you want or away from them.The hardest part is that we aren’t consciously aware what our mindset is, we just know that we aren’t getting the results we want.

Your financial thermostat is unconsciously set through your mindset – your belief systems, values and thoughts about money, wealth, abundance or lack thereof.

O.K. How do you change your mindset and turn up your financial thermostat to get the wealth you want if 90% of your mindset is unconscious? Well…that’s exactly what my mentorship program is about. You need a mentor to see your blind spots and help you turn up your thermostat.

What would it mean to you and your potential results if you could:

  • Have a deep understanding of your strengths and how to leverage them to increase your wealth easily?
  • See your current mindset and limiting behaviours that are stopping you from creating the wealth you desire?
  • Alter your current mindset to follow through and achieve any future results with excitement?
  • Achieve what you really want and be able to contribute back by helping others? Then please consider joining my Mentorship program now!
The Mentorship Program is for
  • For committed individuals who want to succeed in wealth creation.
  • For investors who want to get into property but who don’t know where to start.
  • For anyone who already owns property but who wants to greatly increase the returns they get from their property business.
  • For anyone who wants to join a community of like-minded people – your own mastermind group. Like-minded individuals who may choose to work together or do joint ventures together. As well as hearing my views and about my experiences, you will also be encouraged to share your experiences, and to learn from the experiences and knowledge of your fellow apprentices.
  • For anyone who wants to become a Super Successful property investor & build their own Multi Million Dollar Property Porffolio.

OK, I can’t guarantee you will get there but what I can do is teach you how I did it and suggest ways that you can use my knowledge and experience to do it. Then it’s over to you. You know, they say that the best way to succeed is to copy someone successful and that’s what I want to give you the chance to do.

In my Mentorship Program you get:

  1. Access to me – including 1 on 1 sessions and by email.
  2. Structured learning – weekly video sessions that will teach you the science of getting wealthy
  3. A mastermind group of likeminded people who are also doing the program. This hase been of HUGE benefit to some members.
  4. Access to my “inner circle” of contacts, knowledge and research
Who shouldn't apply for a place?

There are definitely some people who should NOT apply for a place in the Mentorship Program. No offence, but if any of these describe you, well…you should probably not be on this web page.

  • Please don’t apply for a Mentorship place if you are looking for a magical solution that will make you rich overnight.
  • If you think the market will crash, and property investors will deservedly lose their money, then you should just click away from this page right now – I really can’t help pessimists succeed.
  • This isn’t the latest get rich overnight scheme, here today gone tomorrow, so if you’re looking for one of those, I’m afraid you won’t find it here.

Don’t apply if you’re hoping I will build up your portfolio for you, whilst you sit back and avoid taking responsibility for your own future.

Yet if you become involved in the program and learn what you must learn and take responsibility for your decisions, then my team at Metropole will work with you to take advantage of the great opportunities to build serious wealth in Australia’s property markets. By the way before you do this we will ensure that you have completely independent tax, structuring, asset protection and financial advice from independent solicitors, accountants and financial planners.

Yes, the team at Metropole can source appropriate properties or help you become a property developer through our Property Developer Program. If you choose this route, it is purely optional.


Yes, a warning. When I say I will instill radical changes in your beliefs and behaviours, I mean it. Some of the concepts we will discuss will be very hard to swallow.

At times you will be tempted to reject them instantly. You will find them contrary and challenging to what you’ve been taught and what you believe. They may make you uncomfortable.

It’s natural to simply turn off and move away from anything causing you discomfort. However, a great deal of discovery, growth, progress, and success is preceded by discomfort.

Those who know me well know that I can be blunt.

A lot of what is published elsewhere about wealth is in the feel-good category.

My Mentorship Program includes a fair amount of things that other trainers probably know but keep to themselves, lacking the courage to say them publicly, certain they will offend people.

To avoid wasting time participating in my Mentorship Program and more importantly, to avoid missing out on incredible opportunities to transform your life for the better, you need to tolerate some discomfort, to patiently and carefully consider ideas and suggestions that at first seem dead wrong, illogical, irrational, and unreasonable to you.


If you are reading this you probably already know a little about me.

I have been voted Australia’s leading property investment adviser by readers of Your Investment Property Magazine. But even more importnantly I am considered Australia’s leading authority on the psychology of success and I am not a theorist.

I am a serious property investor and developer. Over the close to 40 years I have successfully invested in property and grown a very substantial property portfolio. I am still an active property developer and property investor and over the years, I have probably educated more Australians on property education than anyone else.

If you stop to think about it, it’s probably true that most of what you’ve been taught about money, opportunity, and wealth was taught to you by people without wealth.

Most of what you’ve read or heard about wealth was said or written by the unwealthy. Most of the people you’ve associated with, whose opinions about money you’ve heard often aren’t wealthy. Most of what is your present belief system about wealth was built with raw material you obtained from unwealthy sources.

In stark contrast to those sources, I am a wealthy source. If my ideas didn’t contradict conflict, and challenge those in your present belief system, something would be wrong!

Incidentally, I fully realize you may be quite successful in your own right. I suspect that’s the case. Poor people rarely come to seminars or consider Mentorship Programs.

This is just one of many reasons they stay poor.

So I do not discount your accomplishments or your knowledge.

But I’ve worked with a great many successful property investors who struggled mightily to get there, who succeed in spite of their beliefs about wealth rather than thanks to them.

I have watched such people go through the most amazing transformations and liberation with the ideas I will be presenting in my Mentorship Program. No matter how successful you may be, I am confident you will find some ideas in my program that will surprise you, shock you, challenge you, liberate you and benefit you.

What do other property investors say?

Michael – Thank you from the bottom of my heart… Through following your mentoring program and knowing you were there if I needed you I had the courage to take responsibility for my life in a way that has taken me from ‘existing’ to living. In short, I have been able to take actions that have dramatically improved my health, my relationships and the way I respond to life’s opportunities. With your help I have developed a mindset of abundance and as such I have been fortunate enough to attract substantial wealth in the last 12 months.

James D. NSW

Thank you for your help in changing the way we think. We have enjoyed the mentoring program to date. We listen to the audio sessions at home together, pausing them to take notes and to discuss concepts and ideas. They helped both of us understand ourselves and each other in a number of ways. The action steps at the end of the session are a good method of reinforcing the material. The ability to play the audio files again and again is excellent for repetition and memory recall, which I feel will change our thoughts and then habits

Mike and Janine C. Lower Templestowe, VIC

Two important things to keep in mind

My Mentorship program will belimited to a certain number of people. Once this group is full there will not be another opportunity to join my Mentorship Program for quite a while.

I usually only have two intakes a year to my Mentorship Program – again this means that places are limited.


My ironclad guarantee

  • The information that I will share with you won’t work unless you implement it. The power of my Mentorship Program is not in the information – it is in you implementing it.
  • Very little will change in your world until you change.
  • I have used the information I will show you in our Mentorship Program to grow my own Multi Million Dollar Property portfolio. I can also clearly show you how by participating in this program myself has helped me make some of the biggest leaps forward in my own mindset and in my own personal wealth that I have ever made. (It’s been often said that the best way to learn something is to teach it!)
  • I can also guarantee that others have found the information critical to develop their own financial freedom. I have included some testimonials of participants below but one that wowed me was when Brad M from N.S.W. emailed me and said…

“I think it has changed my life as far as my mindset is to understand why I wasn’t doing the things I wanted to do.”

Trudy – Darwin

The bottom line

You know how they say that even if you give excellent, life changing, millionaire making advice, if you give it away for nothing people will devalue it and will fail to act upon it.

So I guess that, as the purpose of my Mentorship Program is to encourage us all to take actions that you have been putting off for too long, I should be charging a small fortune.

However I have always felt that property investors should keep their hard earned money to invest in the property, and not the knowledge.

And my Mentorship Program is no exception. I want it to be as competitively priced as possible so you can spend your money on property. I am sure I could charge many times the price I am going to propose and still fill all the places many times over. But that’s not my style. And using technology I have managed to keep the cost of this program to a minimum.

While I could easily show you that if you add up my time in the one on one strategy sessions, plus add the weekly mentoring sessions plus all the bonuses together I could easily justify a price tag of $10,000 for this program.

Yet the tuition for a this program is $5,500 (2 payments of $2,750 – one now and one in 60 days) plus you will receive 4 extra bonuses – which I’ll explain in a moment.

As a special incentive to minimise our paperwork, we’ll give you a further discount of $505 discount if you pay your full tuition of $4,995 today!

BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW as spaces are limited and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, but I reserve the right to:

  1. Restrict the number of members of the group.
  2. Decline individual membership to people who I feel would not be appropriate to join the group.

And receive 4 special bonuses

Backed by my iron-clad guarantee

1 full payment

Single payment of $4,995

2 payments

Two payments of $2,750

4 Special bonuses if you register now!

Your spouse or life partner can join for free – because I believe you both must be on the ‘same page‘. Value $2,995

The 18 Habits of Successful Property Investors – an audio program where I discuss what do profitable and successful investors have in common? What traits or habits distinguish successful investors from the average? What do effective investors do differently that puts them a notch or two above the rest? Value – $49

A special closed doors interview with Michael Yardney – a special audio program where expert investor Louise Bedford grills me on what makes me tick and what motivates me including how I got interested in the psychology of success. Value – $49

You will have 3 further 30 minute, One on One Power Chats with me during the course of the program (by phone or Skype). Value – $1,000

Please remember there are no guarantees of performance of this program, there are no refunds and the program is not transferable, but you can defer you membership for a subsequent program. 

In fact I can guarantee that there will be a number of participants in our Mentorship Program that will not complete the program because the change in mindset will be too difficult for them at this stage in their investment careers.

I also guarantee that if you don’t change, very little in your life will change. What you have done up to now has gotten you where you are. If you want to get somewhere different you are going to need to do something different. If you don’t join my Mentorship Program – what are you going to do instead?

I can further guarantee the quality of the information and that I have used the information I will teach you in our Mentorship Program to grow my own Multi Million Dollar Property portfolio.